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Fleet and Equipment
The company’s network of factories is serviced by the largest fleet of concrete vehicles and equipment in the Tripoli. Currently, the fleet includes more than 25 mixer trucks, 4 mobile and stationary pumps, and other ancillary equipment.

Our fleet consists of the most technologically advanced concrete production and concrete delivery equipment. Furthermore, preventive maintenance systems allow us to keep our equipment in operation and most efficiently. Should the need for maintenance arise, we have strict upgrade and replacement programs for each category of mobile and stationary machinery.

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Projects List Since its establishment over 5 years ago, nada libya Readymix has supplied millions of cubic meters of concrete to thousands of projects in both the public and private sectors; Projects that range from the most complex and challenging of mega-projects that require hundreds of thousands of cubic meters, down to the simpler, smaller projects and private residences. Each of these projects presents a unique set of challenges such as high-rise pumping, underwater pumping, concreting in hot weather, large foundation pours, challenging building designs, logistical planning for mega-projects, erecting on-site plants, protection against harmful compounds in the soil, and numerous others types of challenges must be addressed beforehand; It can be overwhelming. This is why the Saudi Readymix highly-skilled team works closely with its clients to analyze all the challenges and anticipate any potential problems to come up with the most suitable concreting solutions customized to their specific needs. The lists in the below links are just a few examples of the largest and most prestigious projects nada libya Readymix has supplied concrete to over the past few years. The list covers almost all sectors, including: Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Tourism, Education, Roads & Transport, Water & Electricity, Health, Infrastructure, Banking, Industrial, Residential, & Real Estate. This demonstrates the tremendous trust that nada libya Readymix has accumulated over the past three decades and its ability to provide its customers with peace of mind, no matter the size, type, or location of their projects. The company achievements - Rama hotel; consists of 24 apartments, a restaurant, a gym and a number of courts. - Bab al hara; a residential compound of 50 villas. - Jasmine complex; composed of 12 villas of a very excellent standard. - Road al aslak project; includes 25 villas. - Istanbul city housing complex of 22 villas. - Office building of hammam balkees. - Administrative premises in Alkreimiya with an area of 10.000m2 and 28.000m2 stores. - Project of road Al kanissa; comprises three office buildings and three stores. - Al sawani road plan; a building of high style 9000 m2 clinic. - Al sawani road project of three administrative buildings and 5000m2 store. - Al andalos hotel consisting of 50 apartment suites, a swimming pool, sport courts, a restaurant and a gym. - Al maamoura residential units aomposed of 4 premises of 2000m2 built area each. - Al aziziya residential units of 06 buildings.
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