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Welcom to Dar AL Mostakbal printing, publishing and distribution company
It is a pleasure for me to welcome you through official website of the Dar AL Mostakbal printing, publishing and distribution company, through which we can go in a journey in its pages and sections to present the most important information needed by company's honorable customers and shareholders. In addition to that, we will shed lights on the company's most significant achievements and events.

Dar AL Mostakbal printing, publishing and distribution company is one of the largest companies working in the fields of printing, publishing and distribution in LIBYA as it prints. It practices commercial printing in addition to printing of school books. In packaging sector, the company produces many products which serve the sector of business and consumer sectors such as the plastic products, flexible packaging, carton packaging and packaging with different methods of high quality comparable to the best international standards.
The company has ambitious strategic plans supported by confidence of its customers and loyalty of its employees who work with high level of professionalism and innovation. That company provided the best services and products to our respectful customers, and it will develop its works and products to create real opportunities for growth and to maximize proceeds of the shareholders.
The successes which the company has achieved during the last years in its investments and expansions is an undoubted evidence of the glorious achievement, and a natural result of planning thought and diligent work to draw objectives of the company and translate it into reality within an integrated work matrix.
Website of the company is an interactive site and a forum for expressing suggestions and opinions of its honorable visitors regarding whatever is related to the company and its services so that constructive communication continues with you to provide your suggestions about the company products and services.
At end of this letter, we look forward and hope that the coming years bring with them more development and success in its different sectors supported by guidance of Allah, trust of company customers and honorable shareholders and the persistence and determination of the company staff so as to build an honorable future that realizes your hopes and inspirations.

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