Safety and security – fact not fiction : .......
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Safety and security – fact not fiction
Here in Nada Tripoli livestock and meat Company we follow a very important rule in regards to the safety and security: Better safe than sorry. We follow all of the local and international conditions and specifications in regards to our field force workers in the slaughterhouses we manage or in our own livestock barns and in other facilities that we own or manage.

As follows the description of the safety and security procedures Nada Tripoli livestock and meat Company follow:

First : Standard programs approved for our products quality and safety

Food safety management systems (FSMS) which includes Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Health Procedures (GHP), which also implements Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points program (HACCP).
Second: Slaughterhouse and barns workers

Protection of human resources from possible work environment hazards through the implementation of laws and standards that protects them from accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
Implement all of the occupational safety and health procedures that ensure a safe work environment which protects the human and the facility resources from dangers.
Ensure using personal protective equipment (PPE) during work hours and not to under estimate its importance.
The importance of providing a first aid box in all work areas to deal with minor injuries immediately and training the workers on how to perform first aid.
Storage of chemicals and inflammable substances away from workers’ gathering areas due to its high risk nature
Implement occupational safety in the slaughterhouses and barns by providing a safety supervisor whose job is to follow up safety requirements that will prevent various accidents.
Focus on raising the readiness of the slaughterhouse workers through trainings that let them acquire enough experience how to evacuate their work place and deal with accidents as soon as it happens.
The company implements a complete plan for fire fighting and prevention through a set of preventive procedures and plans and actions to deal with the incidence on the spot with the maximum capacity.
Continuous coordination between slaughterhouse management and the civil defense department and the occupational health authority and other relevant authorities through courses given to the work supervisors and the workers which ensures safe work environment for everybody.

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