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Managed energy for electricity that made a leading position for itself in energy generation and distribution at the local level. As a result the ambitious expansion plan implemented by the company, increasing the size of its contracts for power generation from 70 MW in 2006 to 1,000 MW in 2014, in addition to the 2,000 MW of projects are still in the process of preparation and processing. Energy Electricity has been able to exploit and mobilize its vast experience and multiple successes in the field of power generation from which to new sectors such as water, sanitation and cooling, to become one of the largest specialized in the development and operation of utility companies.
The Energy team for electricity began in the development of renewable energy and the completion of the Group's strategic plans sector. And take power for electricity from tripoli -based, and its business covers the Middle East and Africa. And provide energy to power a series of utility services that include investment, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of power plants and distribution networks and other facilities.

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