The company's definition : Welcom to NADA LIBY HOLDING COMPANY
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It is a pleasure to welcome you through official website of the NADA Libya holding company, through which we can go in a journey in its pages and sections to present the most important information needed by company's honorable customers and shareholders. In addition to that, we will shed lights on the company's most significant achievements and events.

NADA Libya holding company is one of the largest companies working in different fields of printing and packaging in libya as it prints a number of papers. It practices commercial printing in addition to printing of school books. In packaging sector, the company produces many products which serve the sector of business and consumer sectors such as the plastic products, flexible packaging, carton packaging and packaging with different methods of high quality comparable to the best international standards.

The company has ambitious strategic plans supported by confidence of its customers and loyalty of its employees who work with high level of professionalism and innovation. That

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The company's definition : Our goal and mission
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Our aim
is to meet the region's building needs and provide relentless support services. To accomplish that, we continually mold our products and services to meet any requirements, overcome challenges and solve problems. In doing so, NADA LIBYA Readymix has become a name that is synonymous with quality products and services

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