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It is our pleasure to welcome you through the official website of Nada Libya Holding company, in which sail together on a tour through its pages and sections to view the most important information needed by the company's customers valued and its shareholders, in addition to highlighting the most important achievements and events experienced by the company.
Nada Libya holding Company was established on 25.03.2013 with a capital of $ 1,000,000 million Libyan dinars. Where the company has several different subsidiaries operate in several different sectors, And under its legal umbrella involves several branches represented in:
 Nada Libya company for construction and real estate
 NADA Libya company for concrete services,
 Nada Libya company for printing, publishing and distribution,
 Nada Tripoli livestock and meat import company,
 Ghelal Libya Catering Services Company.
 Shams Tripoli Company for limited energy.
• license number (4533202)
• address : - Alsaraj / Tripoli - Libya
• corporate purposes: - All construction and real estate investment business
The company depends in its works on accumulated experience of its staff and on the best and most advanced machines and the highest levels of quality control in addition to strong customer base. To assure its keenness in complying with the world standards, the company has continuously won ISO certificate.

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