About Company

Nada Libya Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company was established on (24/03/2005 F).

Work Performed:

  • Divided in the Siraj area.
  • Residential splitter by wire.
  • Construction and equipping of a complete concrete mixer site.
  • Maintenance of 220KV station for the Electricity Company.
  • Maintenance of 11KV stations for the Electricity Company (4 stations).
  • Paving the divider of the OS area.
  • Pavement of the split lane wire.
  • The housing.
  • Construction of private residential buildings in Tripoli.
  • Preparing a site in the child field for the French company Joserves.
  • Cleaning the tanks and pipes of the Hakim field for the Zueitina Company.
  • Construction of a paved road with a length of 4 km in the Jafara area in the municipality of Al-Zahra.
  • Maintenance of the Janzour Education Monitoring Headquarters, commissioned directly by Section A and Section B.

Company Goals

  1. All contracting and real estate investment works, including construction, maintenance and restoration of educational, residential, commercial, and administrative buildings, complexes, resorts, villages and integrated cities, works of roads, bridges, dams, bridges, road planning, construction and maintenance of airfields.
  2. All maintenance and electrical installation works for the buildings it constructs.