About Company

The company was established on (25/09/2016 F) and is headquartered in the city of Tripoli.

Company Goals

  1. Carrying out all work related to the operation and maintenance of gas stations and the distribution of petroleum products.
  2. Construction of facilities and investment in activities related to the oil sector.
  3. Establishment of fuel supply stations.
  4. Establishment of economic projects inside the gas station.
  5. Establishing, owning, operating, purchasing and distributing petroleum products, constructing reservoirs, laying pipelines, stations and pipelines for the transportation of oil and gas, and their maintenance and necessary protection works.
  6. Supplying and installing oil refineries and chemical plants.
  7. Drilling and maintenance of oil wells and providing installation and maintenance services.
  8. Supplying oil centers and sites, carrying out naming works, mud services and drilling fluids.
  9. Cleaning and painting water, oil and gas reservoirs using the latest scientific methods.
  10. Treatment of deposits accumulated in oil tanks.