About Company

Nada Tripoli Company for the import of livestock and meat with limited liability was established on 01/11/2015 in the city of Tripoli. It is one of the leading companies in the field of livestock trade and slaughterhouse management, but the company’s success does not stop there, but extends to other areas that add to the strength and ability of the company to continue, grow and compete in the local and global markets. Among those components are the multiplicity of companies operating in other fields and which are under the management of Nada Tripoli Livestock Company, and the multiplicity and strength of projects and supply contracts implemented by the company.

Our vision:
A leading company in the livestock sector in the region. We use all available resources to provide food security in Libya.

Company Goals

  1. Livestock Import and Trade: We ensure that our meat sources are always the best available and of the highest quality. We import from Australia, Spain, Germany, etc… We also buy and sell local livestock in order to cover a wide range of customer tastes and needs.
    Importing chilled and frozen meat: We ensure that we choose the best sources and the highest quality meat, and the animals are slaughtered according to Islamic law, which states that they are slaughtered in a manner that ensures that the blood is expelled from the carcass, resulting in contamination-free meat. The quality of meat we supply has been awarded supply contracts to the Business Department as well as to wholesalers, hotels and catering companies all over Libya.
  2. Slaughterhouse management: We are one of the few companies in the State of Libya that manage and operate automated slaughterhouses, as well as traditional manual ones. This is due to the experience and skill of our workers and management.
  3. Establishment and management of border veterinary examination centers: This is a new field of work for the company, which began to work and invest in it to become the scope of work not only in the livestock and meat trade, but also to become a strategic partner with the Government of the State of Libya (represented by the Ministry of Environment and Water) by examining livestock coming across the border From neighboring countries before entering the country and issuing disease-free certificates, which facilitates the import process for livestock traders and saves them time. This topic is fully discussed under a separate title.
  4. Frozen Poultry Trading: We supply local frozen poultry of the best quality to wholesalers, restaurant companies and hotels. We have local sources from the best sources in the state of Libya and the poultry that we sell is of the highest quality and is slaughtered according to Islamic law.