About Company

Shams Tripoli Energy Company with Limited Liability was established on February 21, 2018 in Tripoli.

Company Goals

  1. All works of renewable energy, alternative energy, and electrical energy recognized locally and internationally, to name a few.
  2. All maintenance works and installations related to alternative energy, renewable energy, electric and solar energy, technical and drinking water treatment plants, sea water desalination, wells, central air conditioning, extension of electricity and energy networks, telephones and communications.
  3. Management, operation and maintenance of its power plants. Executing the necessary replacement and renewal operations for these stations, managing and controlling the unified electrical network, and installing electrical towers and power plants, especially with regard to loading and maintaining generating units. And in accordance with the requirements of economic operation in order to ensure optimal operation in terms of technical and economic aspects.
  4. Investing and selling the alternative electric energy produced from its generating stations to other electricity transmission companies, as well as to electricity distribution companies for energy transmitted on medium and high voltages.
  5. Implementation of projects related to the production of renewable and alternative electric energy from stations and carrying out studies and research work in the field of the company’s activity.
  6. Implementation and establishment of cities for renewable and alternative energy.